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With autumn, back-to-school, and virus season ramping up, we have updated our Covid prevention and treatment recommendations.  We lead with herbal and natural treatments, and also provide information and resources to help you consider pharmaceutical options if you are in need.  Knowledge is power, and much of this information is not what’s being provided on the mainstream channels. 😉

You may choose to do all of the recommendations or some, depending on what feels best.  In general, fewer remedies and lower dosages is effective for prophylaxis, while higher dosages and more numerous remedies will have better effect for treatment of active infection.  

All herbs and supplements may be ordered through our clinic if that is helpful, by calling 845-687-6211.  

Botanical Medicines 

(NB:  *all botanicals and vitamins are safe to be taken in conjunction with pharmaceutical medications; take 30 minutes or more apart.)

  • Going Viral Liposomal Essential Oil Remedy This is a formulation of anti-viral essential oils that are blended with sunflower lecithin and water to create a nano-emulsion.  It is a potent way to prevent and treat Covid and other viral colds and flu.   Typical adult dose is 2 Tablespoons / 2x / day.
  • Herbal Formulas:
    • Licorice & Ginger – Available as a brew-tea or granules (see website or label for dosage instructions).  Our #1 recommendation for daily herbal prevention of Covid, colds and flus.  This formula supports healthy immune system function and rapid response to virus exposure.  Warming and pleasant tasting!
    • Ilex Viro Protect – Available as a brew-tea, granules, or tincture.  This is a broad-spectrum anti-viral formula that is best taken for prevention or to treat early stage (1st week of infection) Covid, cold or flu. It helps alleviate fever, chills, headache, body aches, lymph and mucus congestion.
    • Blue Green Dragon Protection – Available as a brew-tea or granules.  This formula is ideal for prevention and to support a full recovery throughout the course of the illness.  In particular it is useful for gastro-intestinal and/or respiratory symptom presentations (such as lung or stomach weakness, cough, nausea, or bowel irregularity).  
    • Clear Toxin & Restore Harmony – Available as a brew-tea or granules.  This is our strongest and most bitter brew for treatment of moderate to severe symptoms of Covid and flu.  It aids with fever reduction, vomiting and diarrhea, head and body aches, persistent cough, and thirst.  This formula may be taken up to 4x / day during acute illness to accelerate recovery and prevent lingering illness.
    • Cleanse & Renew – Available as a brew-tea or granules.  If you are through the worst of your symptoms and looking to further detoxify and clear your body of the infectious and noxious effects of the illness, then this is the formula for you.  Aids with detoxification and full eradication and recovery from the virus.
    • Qi Restore – Available as a brew-tea or granules.  This formula supports full recovery and regeneration of energy and vitality post-illness.  It aids the immune system in restoring balance, supports repair of damaged tissues, and helps to prevent lingering symptoms or long-haul Covid.
  • Vapor Rub is a very useful topical for sinus and chest congestion.  If you choose to (or must) wear a face mask at times, applying Vapor Rub to your nose first is a great way to maximize self-protection since the essential oil ingredients help to inhibit viruses before they move beyond your respiratory tract.
  • And last but not least, Elderberry Syrup is a delicious, and uber-kid-friendly preventive remedy that also helps ease sore throat pain and cough.

Vitamin Supplements for Immune Support

  • Vitamin C, 2 gram total, daily. Ideally take vit C with bioflavonoids and if possible, for best results, slow release or liposomal formulation.

We recommend either of the following:

DaVinci Labs Liposomal C
Vital Nutrients Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids

If you get sick, 1 gram every 2 hours or as tolerated by bowel (more than your body needs will give loose stools) fortifies the immune system, especially the white blood cells fighting the infection.

  • Zinc 50 mg daily – likely works by interfering with the viral replication. Zinc will stay mostly outside the cell unless ushered in, for example, by Quercetin or Hydroxychloroquine.  Here is the product we recommend:

Allergy Research Group Zinc Citrate

  • Quercetin 3x daily [500mg x 3 or approximate equivalent]. Purposes: 
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Recycles Vitamin C
  • Helps drive zinc into the cell.   See below for an article that talks about the HCQ studies, politics, and about how Quercetin can be substituted for the HCQ although the Hydroxychloroquine is expected to be stronger (see the bottom of the article).  
  • Green Tea Extract: 2-3x daily – also has catechins to help drive the zinc into the cell) – can be used instead of quercetin (or drink green tea in the morning).

Product we recommend: Designs for Health Quercetin + Nettles 

  • Vitamin D Average 5,000U daily especially September through May (for Northern hemisphere), or more (10,000 IU daily) if blood levels are under 40 for immune support. Excellent article on vitamin D reducing risk by 64 – 96%: If already having COVID19, an average adult can typically take 25,000U daily on average for a week, then return to 10,000 IU daily. 

Recommended Product:  Ortho Molecular Vitamin D3 with K2

  • Melatonin: This non-prescription item is a rapidly rising star showing a powerful reduction in COVID illness and mortality (about 30% reduction of risk of getting COVID). See bottom most item. 

Recommended product:  Quicksilver Scientific Liposomal Melatonin

Scientists Study Melatonin As Possible COVID-19 Treatment

  • Magnesium:  Magnesium is needed to uptake Vit D. Ideally 400mg+ daily but whatever you get in is better than not taking it. Magnesium Oxide doesn’t absorb and its purpose is to stay in the gut and loosen stools. Take any other magnesium for the purpose of raising your Magnesium blood level. 

Recommended product (1/day with food):  Innate Response Magnesium 300

  • Vitamin A (fish source/Vit A Palmitate) 25,000IU take 1 daily for 3 days, then 1-2x weekly for immune support (especially for viruses). Vit A and Vit D compete with each other for sites so one can push the other out; therefore, it is useful to take vit A if you take vit D. Also, vitamin A is needed to take up magnesium.

Recommended product:  Klaire Labs Micellized Vitamin A

Other Treatment

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide (Dr Brownstein): Nebulized peroxide may be a quick and simple way to heal the illness.  Here’s how to self-treat:

    Nebulized Hydrogen Peroxide – A Simple Remedy for COVID-19
  2. Optional but valuable:  NAC and Glutathione to reduce and help with cytokine storm.

    Recommended Product:  Quicksilver Scientific Liposomal Glutathione


  • Ivermectin:  My top pick but consider all options if sick and vulnerable.

Ivermectin is now a therapeutic option for doctors.  Senate testimony, Dr Kory describes a large study showing a 100% efficacy using Ivermectin prophylactically:

  • COVID-19 Critical Care

    In this article there is a link (on the right, 3rd box) that is titled: Ivermectin in the prophylaxis and treatment of COVID-19  

    In that link it talks about the experiment  where Ivermectin was shown to be highly effective in preventing COVID in hospital workers.  It is also mentioned in the senate testimony video.

    To find it do a ‘command F’ or ‘control F’ to find the number 788 (which is the number of hospital workers in the study, vs the 58% of the control… )

    To see where to get Ivermectin, go to  This page has a lot of useful, up-to-date information about new variants and additional treatment methods.
  • Hydroxychloroquine

    If you get sick (e.g., fever, abdominal or GI upset, foul smelling diarrhea, muscle aches, flu like symptoms, dry cough) then one can consider Hydroxychloroquine.

    The purpose is both anti-inflammatory but even more important, it pushes the zinc into the cell where it interferes with viral replication.  It is sometimes combined with  Azithromycin (or Doxycycline if trying to avoid Azithromycin due to cardiac concerns). You will need zinc supplementation as well, 100 to 200 mg daily, or more.  Prescriptions are available through or

Article:  A glance at the 2 graphs in the article clearly shows that where Hydroxychloroquine is promoted, the mortality rate is a fraction of what it is where it is not being used.
Countries Using Hydroxychloroquine Have Low Coronavirus Fatality Rate

  • Consultations for Prescriptions:

Push Health: Tele-medicine prescribing ivermectin – similar, cost by donation 

An excellent resource for forward-thinking medical information is Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance:  I-MASK protocols, Ivermectin dosing, etc.

Consultations for Holistic & Herbal Medicine:

If you have Covid, are a Covid long-hauler, or a Covid long-vaxxer (suffering with chronic health issues as a result of receiving the Covid vaccine), and you would like a consultation to help heal and repair your body, then please reach out to us at 845-687-6211 or email  As a long-time expert in holistic healing from chronic infectious disease, we understand what you are going through and are at the forefront of natural solutions for these conditions.  

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