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Healing chronic health issues is often no easy task.  Infections, toxins, and other disease drivers lead to complexly woven disease processes that are challenging to understand and reverse.

If you feel frustrated, irritable, and stuck with chronic health issues…

If you feel toxic, tired, stagnant and achy…

If you are Herxing, or unable to recover from a recent or long-standing infection…

If you have tried different types of treatments, herbal remedies, or health regimens but nothing seems to work…

Or maybe you just feel a lack of zest and your step has lost its spring!

These are all signs that your body is not clearing toxins efficiently enough to maintain positive energy, mood, and vigor.  This is an essential ingredient for health and healing!


This masterclass will introduce you to our unique holistic cleansing approach which was designed especially for people struggling with health issues of all kinds.  You will learn how to gently cleanse your body, strengthen your liver and digestive system, and release the toxins that make you feel sick and suffer. 

Our signature approach is based on a series of core life practices that work with your body’s natural capacity to detoxify and self-heal.


In this introductory webinar you will learn:


  • what your body requires for effective cleansing and why most detox programs and products don’t work;
  • why cleansing is the #1 key to removing the blocks that prevent your full recovery from chronic health issues;
  • an overview of the detoxification tools and strategies that I teach my patients to support their treatment success – a clear, effective, do-able, and safe method that mobilizes the body’s innate capacity to heal.


You will also receive an invitation into our 8-week online Detox For Lyme course with live health coaching from me!

And you will learn about our favorite herbal detox formulas to support you on your cleansing lifestyle journey.


Our approach enables you to access the full potential of your body’s ability to heal and regenerate.  Don’t miss out on this free opportunity that will show you how to accelerate and solidify your healing.


I look forward to sharing this empowering information with you!