Life after Lyme is possible –
with a new way of life.

Harness your body’s natural ability to heal.
You can rise again.

If you have Lyme, or any complex chronic disease, you’ve likely tried numerous treatments with limited success. You might even feel worse.

At Uprooting Lyme, we know the value of your limited energy and resources.

Are you ready to commit to transforming your health with a deep and natural approach?

We rebuild your health on the foundational, intracellular level, so that your body’s self-healing capacity is naturally restored.

Our virtual and in-person holistic treatment programs and personalized plans focus on removing roadblocks to your recovery by

  • Revitalizing your immunity and energy
  • Healing and restoring your gut
  • Detoxifying your toxic burden at a pace that’s right for you
  • Reducing the infection load with natural and nontoxic antimicrobials
  • Restoring hormone levels, sleep-wake rhythms, and peace to the nervous system
  • Addressing disease causative factors that have not yet been uncovered or treated
  • Tuning in to your body’s intelligence and communication
  • Creating new routines that build up your life force and breed health and renewal over disease and decay

Our approach seeks to get to the root cause of disease. Illness is often a gateway to understanding multiple physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual layers that need to be addressed and realigned. Once your body receives the support it’s been asking for, the healing can begin.

No matter where you are on your journey, we are deeply committed to helping you recover from Lyme or another chronic complex disease with natural strategies and minimal use of pharmaceuticals. If you are working with a LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor), we are happy to partner with them to create your personalized treatment plan.


With our online Detox for Lyme program, you’ll work step-by-step through our unique holistic approach. Each module includes instructional videos, easy-to-read content, self-assessments, worksheets, and additional resources to help you dive deeply into each topic.


(in-person & virtual)

If you have Lyme, or a Lyme-like illness, the root of your symptoms has most likely been undiagnosed or unaddressed. Whether we meet at our clinic in Stone Ridge, NY, or via a video call, we’ll unearth the origins of your illness and unlock your innate healing capability. We’ll create a personalized treatment plan based on a holistic, natural approach that has worked for thousands of patients.

Accelerate your healing with a far infrared sauna

For Lyme and other complex chronic diseases, a far infrared sauna provides a multitude of systemic benefits. It’s like a wonder drug (without any side effects). Unlike conventional saunas that pull sweat out of the body, far infrared (FIR) energy penetrates up to 3 inches into your body and pushes the sweat out. Heating the body from the inside out forces the toxins out from under the skin.

In order to heal from Lyme and complex chronic disease, the inside of your body needs to be purified and provided with a healthy, clean source of fuel. A far infrared sauna does both!

I no longer feel isolated and depressed. I have more clarity and my memory is sharper. Detoxifying my body gradually over time has made a significant difference in how I feel on many levels. I never expected to feel as good, or see as much change so quickly! You won’t find another practitioner as knowledgeable and caring as Hillary to help you heal from Lyme disease.