This page contains the products and services that I recommend repeatedly to my private clients.  The items on this page are tools we use to build a foundation for health and to remove the roadblocks to recovery.  Use them frequently, if not daily, to generate the Life Force Energy (a.k.a. health) that will propel your recovery forward. — Yours in health & high vibes, Hillary

PS – I have no affiliations nor receive any kickbacks from these products or companies; this info is purely for your benefit!


Water is 70% of the body’s make-up, and chronic ill health depends on unclean, imbalanced waters inside your body.  To reverse illness and clean up your inner ecosystem, one of the fundamental practices we encourage is drinking the cleanest, most vital spring water you can find.  To find out if there’s a drinkable natural spring in your area go to   If there are no drinking water springs in your neighborhood, and you must purchase spring water, our best recommendations are the following brands:  Fiji, Mountain Valley Spring water, and Volvic. 


The Berkey water filter with fluoride filter is another option for gaining access to the cleanest water possible.  This is generally the best option for anyone on a municipal water system.  It is also ideal for replacing reverse osmosis water treatment systems, which render water clean, but stripped of the minerals and molecular structure needed to hydrate the cells and tissues of the body.


Eliminating toxic waste from the body plays a key role in healing from any chronic illness.  The #1 way to accelerate the removal of a high toxin and/or infection burden is via the bowels.  Enemas are an easy and very inexpensive tool for cleansing the body.  Even if the idea of colon cleansing makes you want to pull the covers over your head, take a deep breath, gather your courage, and try it out.  You have nothing to lose other than a shocking amount of disease-breeding waste!


Healing requires a high level of nutrition.  The enzymes, vitamins and minerals that are gained by drinking fresh organic vegetable juices are an essential ingredient for gaining the strength needed to heal from Lyme and complex chronic illness.  I recommend a daily dose of cucumber, celery, beet with greens, carrot, lemon, and other fruits and vegetables of your choosing.  Enjoy!


This is still my favorite high-speed blender.  Use it to make smoothies and raw or cooked blended soups.  This technique is important for the treatment of SIBO, candida, parasites, and other bacterial or fungal overgrowths of the gut.  It makes digestion and absorption easy so that your food is feeding YOU, not the microbes!


There are very inexpensive portable saunas available on Amazon that can accomplish the same – sweating and raising your body’s core temperature is the most important thing.  But if you can afford it, these saunas are low EMF, well-constructed to last a lifetime, and are made with safe, non-toxic materials.  We have one in our clinic and patients love it!