The Uprooting Lyme BE HEALTH NOW! Manifesto

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It’s not your disease, pain, or unique challenges that makes you special, it’s how you respond. What sets you, your recovery, and your life apart is the way that you approach your healing process.

In support of following the High Road, here are 10 Rules To Live By to create recovery & resilience in 2016 & beyond.

1. If it doesn’t truly nourish your body, mind or soul, get rid of it.  Choose your food, relationships, environment and activities deliberately, and make every part of your life count in support of your health and alignment.

2. The Transition Bridge is the path from where you are now, to where you want to go. The process of healing consists of many small steps and transitions. There’s no need for pressure or pushing. Instead proceed at the pace your body, emotions and spirit can handle.

3. Detox Rocks. ‘Nuff said! But in case you need a refresher, living the Cleansing Lifestyle is one of the best ways to unblock the most common recovery roadblock of toxic congestion – and reverse disease progression for a lifetime.

4. Value where you’re at, because Life is your Friend and your Teacher. Don’t just value the goal you want to achieve, but also the place where you’re at – emotionally, physically, in every way, because it has much to teach you and it is what you must face in order to grow. There is a lot to learn from a place of disease, disorder and chaos!

5. Love Yourself More Everyday. This is one woman’s meaning for her struggle with Lyme disease. What’s yours?

6. Be in conversation with your body. Ask – “What is this telling me?” Pain, tension, symptoms or disease signifies that something significant in you or your life is not aligned, that wants to re-align. Accelerate your healing by tuning in to your body’s innate wisdom and intuition; develop your heart as an organ of perception.

Highest belief7. Always ask, “What’s the highest belief I could hold about this situation?” When what you choose to believe expresses trust and faith in a positive outcome, love, and compassion for yourself and others, then that is the health-generating chemical soup your cells will bathe in every day.

8. Evaluate – Upgrade – Implement. This process is, in a nutshell, the way to organically step up and into your next level of health and emotional patterning over and over again.

9. Stay. With. It. Be committed to your health practices for the long-term, because there will always be ups and downs along the way.

Expect A Miracle10. Expect a Miracle. Why not? You’re always expecting something, and it’s usually unconscious. Make your expectations a conscious choice based on the best possible outcome you can imagine.


What’s your #1 Rule To Live By in your Lyme recovery journey?

If you are wanting holistic treatment for Lyme or other similar complex chronic diseases, simply call us at 845-687-6211 or email to set up an in-person or virtual holistic Lyme consultation at reasonable rates. Together we’ll co-create a strategic holistic treatment plan. Receive the support and guidance you need to regain your health, strength and resilience. Contact us now!

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  • Tanya

    I love this. Thank you.

  • Emily Lofgren

    Great advice! Number 1 really hits the nail on the head. If it isn’t nourishing, it isn’t helping! Lyme is so hard to beat, but with the right tools, we can still let our bodies heal well enough to keep enjoying life.

  • Jessica Mixon

    I agree #1 is vital for recovery.

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