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Old Dogs Need New Tricks For Successful Lyme Treatment

Seasoned health practitioners – are your routines the most effective for treating patients with Lyme and complex chronic disease?

If you’ve been a practitioner for a while, you have your routines and way of helping patients down pat.  The only problem is that as you treat more Lyme patients, those modes of diagnosis and treatment that work in general practice may not be so effective for your complex chronic infectious disease patients.

Plus there are new ideas and techniques that can provide you with fresh insight, ways of viewing a complex case, and new tools that will make your treatment of these patients more successful.  

If you’re relatively new in holistic medical practice – whether as an integrative doctor, functional medicine practitioner, naturopath, acupuncturist, herbalist or holistic nurse – then you’ve got a lot to learn about holistic Lyme treatment!  

True, wise treatment of Lyme and stealth pathogens is still not taught at naturopathic and Chinese medicine schools across the country.  Learning correct information and a clear approach to treatment will greatly improve your patient outcomes, and speed your clinical success.

I often tell my practitioner students, when you get good at treating chronic Lyme and complex infectious disease, you’ll be good at treating everything!

Lead The Way With Natural Treatment Options That Work

Most practitioners feel isolated, and do their best to figure things out on their own.  There is very little training available for the holistic medicine practitioner who wants to specialize in Lyme disease!   

(Until now of course – the Uprooting Lyme Practitioner Mentorship  is the ONLY professional clinical training in natural methods of Lyme disease treatment in the nation.)  

Imagine how much more successful you’ll be having received specialized training and live clinical mentorship with real cases

Mastery of Difficult Cases

As healers, we want to help everyone, especially those who are suffering badly.  But when you feel uncertain about your abilities, it can be stressful to take on the most challenging cases, including people who have been suffering from moderate to severe infectious and auto-immune diseases for many years.

The tendency can then be to refer these difficult cases to doctors in hopes that a diagnosis will become clear, or that medications will help (with the assumption that natural medicine isn’t “strong enough” to help severe cases – which is far from the truth!).  

Unfortunately, doctors of modern medicine are often of little use, because they can’t see the big picture, and the medications they employ only add toxicity and create further imbalance.

The practitioners who complete the Practitioner Mentorship training describe how increased mastery over the Lyme healing process has improved their confidence and comfortability with taking on the most difficult cases.  

As this confidence grows, trust in your skills as a natural medicine practitioner grows, and your patients and community feel that inner shift too.

Empower Yourself

There was a time in my practice when I began treating many more Lyme and tick-borne disease patients.  People with long and complicated disease histories seemed to come out of the woodwork.  For a time I felt very alone in seeking answers and forward movement for their health problems; my work with patients became burdensome ().  

The Uprooting Lyme approach emerged out of my need to rise above the morass – the ongoing complications and backfiring treatment plans – to manage cases from a higher vantage point.  

The Uprooting Lyme approach involves a systematic way of making progress towards health and keeping healing on track without getting lost in the ups and downs of ever-changing symptoms.  It was key to restoring a sense love, joy, and order in my work.

I teach this approach to others so that all practitioners who want to specialize in holistic Lyme treatment can do so with the highest level of effectiveness, confidence, and clarity, which benefits you, your patients, and your practice.

Every community needs a Lyme-savvy holistic medicine practitioner who can educate, diagnose and successfully treat (with a minimum of antibiotics) Borreliosis, yeast, parasites, and other complex chronic and infectious diseases – in your community, will it be you?

Interested in becoming a Holistic Lyme Specialist?  Find out more about our year-long professional training, the Holistic Lyme Practitioner Mentorship.

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