Covid Care for You and Me, Part 1: The Bigger Picture

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I won’t be engaging in the information wars today.

Life seems to have priorities other than helping me prove to others that I am right.

Perhaps you would like to join me in my new and improved preoccupation:  learning what it means to truly love.

First, lay down your beliefs and convictions.  Do it for real now, you can pick them up again when you get back.

Then reach and reach…

stretch up, out and over to someone else’s distant point of view.

Not to change your mind or try and change theirs.

But to feel, look out through their eyes, and connect with the other.

To care about another regardless of their differences of opinion. 

Herein lies the penultimate medicine: unconditional love and acceptance – of yourself, each other, and what is.

Not merely medicine, this is the source of true safety, disease resistance, community resilience, and life force energy flow.

Where what is truly good for me is also good for you.

Me loving you heals both of us.

You can’t mandate this, it is always and only a choice of the brave and the free.

In deep gratitude,

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