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Healing from Lyme disease needs to be an active process of health generation if you want to ensure a return to lasting health.

The old routine of taking a simple course of antibiotics – or even a long-term course of antibiotics – to resolve your Lyme disease completely, is a false notion for a vast number of people.

Natural methods that restore your vital energy, regulate your immune system, heal damaged tissues, and expunge the toxic disease elements from your body are necessary to ensure a complete healing process and develop a higher level of future disease resistance.

If you are alive, you have an inner healing potential. But the disease burden, the toxin load, and the ways in which the diseases and antibiotics have weakened your organs, immunity and vitality over time, has greatly weakened that healing potential.

Lyme is complex and multi-faceted. For natural methods to work best for you, you need to first learn how to implement them effectively into your life, and then you need to be willing to invest consistent effort over time.

Your consistency with natural healing and cleansing practices is necessary even as you move through the inevitable ups and downs of treatment as we untangle the web of disease and dysfunction that has taken hold of your body.

boy-ulEach person and each case is unique in certain ways. Although there is a common thread to the various causes and conditions of Lyme disease, the solution for each person varies. This is why a personalized approach that takes the core holistic methods and then tailors them precisely to your needs creates the most successful results.

If you make a concerted effort and allow yourself a reasonable amount of time, I believe you will be very happy and grateful to be incorporating substantial holistic practices into your Lyme recovery journey.

Some people see results faster than others when they begin to incorporate cleansing, food as medicine, and other holistic treatment methods into their recovery plan. It may take you a month to begin feeling noticeably better, or it may take 6 months before you notice that you feel substantially better.

If your health is very poor, it may be a 3-5 year process of healing; but along the way there will be milestones of improved energy, functioning and productivity, as the capacity to do things and enjoy life slowly but surely (and at times quickly!) returns.

Another benefit is that if you decide to incorporate antibiotics along the way, your chance of successfully tolerating and benefiting from them will be much higher when you are employing the use of natural medical strategies (the right way).

yogaclass-ulIf you want holistic tools to really work for you, it is essential to be willing to be patient and stay committed no matter what.

To date, the Uprooting Lyme Method, information, advice, coaching, and programs have led to hundreds of full recoveries and major improvements.

I can testify that even severe, difficult cases that are at a complete standstill in their healing process can experience change.

There are many reasons to be positive and optimistic that holistic tools and strategies will greatly accelerate and benefit your healing.

If you are wanting holistic treatment for Lyme or other similar complex chronic diseases, simply call us at 845-687-6211 or email to set up an in-person or virtual holistic Lyme consultation at reasonable rates. Together we’ll co-create a strategic holistic treatment plan. Receive the support and guidance you need to regain your health, strength and resilience. Contact us now!

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  • Claudia Geagan

    Lyme disease is certainly a curse and your information is great. It simply could not hurt.

    I have a problem less deadly but I think more complicated.

    However I have been prescribed in the past two years, BP meds and mood meds. I think there ought to be a better way, but I must say that I am better off with them than I was before they were prescribed.
    Any suggestions?

    • Hillary Thing

      Hi Claudia, sorry we missed your post for so long. In case you are still dealing with these issues, I am sure I have many suggestions, but really would need to do a personal consult with you. If you have the inclination, please call the clinic at 845-687-6211 or . We treat people both local and distant, and very reasonable rates. Wishing you the best!

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