Announcing the Nourishing Life Health Center Garden!

 In Herbal & Traditional Wisdom


Do you long for a magical place that inspires your sense of wonder and connection to nature?

Do you hunger for renewed connection to people, healing plants, and working the earth with a purpose?

Do you want to be an active part of creating a truly healthy local community — one that values empowering education, natural disease prevention, body autonomy, and vibrant health for all?

If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, then please join us in the building and creation of a Community Medicine Garden & Sanctuary!

Say What?

This garden will re-wild much of the current lawn of the Nourishing Life Health Center at 2821 Route 209 on the border of Kingston & Stone Ridge, NY, becoming home to dozens of species of plant medicines from around the temperate-climate world (including natives, Europeans, Asians and some warm-climate herbs grown as annuals).

Plant-Community-Medicine Vision:

Imagine a vibrant, sustainable medicinal herb garden that supports the vitality and healing, empowerment and health freedom of all members of our community.

A Working Mission:

To empower, educate, provide sanctuary, gathering space, and access to natural medicines to support the health of our community and our planet.  We support all people in taking 100% responsibility for their health by leading with natural forms of medicine which are in harmony with our bodies and the earth.  We especially aim to support those facing health challenges who may not have easy access to anything other than conventional medical care.

Potential Benefits to our Community:

  • Free, donatable, and/or membership-based source of plant material for medicine-making;
  • Flowers for pollinators and beauty of course!
  • Community nourishment and connection with others who want to learn how to create health for one’s self and loved ones;
  • Nature connection through gardening, herb crafting, observation, and wonder;
  • Meaningful conversations around issues of health choice, informed consent, access and illness prevention and treatment;
  • Cultural awareness through growing and working with plants from different parts of the world;
  • Enhanced use of a green space for insects, birds, wildlife, and humans;
  • Healing sanctuary space created by the magic, beauty, wildness and peacefulness of nature;
  • Demonstration and/or preservation of particular medicinal plant species;
  • Local access to foreign herbs (that come a long, long way to get here) = herbal medicine security
  • Educational opportunities and gathering space for:
    • Children to explore and play
    • Education about medicine-making and utilizing the herbal harvest
    • Issue-specific healing
    • Support circles
    • Community regeneration – whatever supports our multi-dimensional healing and vitality as individuals and collectively (personally I’m craving a drum circle)!

Wow, cool!  How is this happening? 

That’s where you come in!  We’re looking for volunteers and people interested in participating in whatever way they can.  If you would like to be included in meeting, planning, organizing and updates, please sign up for this topic-dedicated email list below.

Execution will happen in phases, and we’ll see how it unfolds organically.  The first phase is garden development, and that is the focus for 2021.


Click here to be added to our VOLUNTEERS list, and we’ll be in touch soon for our 1st planning meeting!

Thanks for your support.  We look forward to what we will create together!

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