Detox for Lyme – 8 Week Online Course


The ONLY Lifestyle Training that removes the blocks to healing chronic illness



Our self-paced cleansing approach is a step-by-step path.

Each week you will learn about a new cleansing practice – something you can easily fold into your daily routine that enhances your body’s natural ability to detoxify and that has BIG IMPACT on your body’s ability to recover fully from Lyme and related diseases.

This information is provided to you through:

  • Online training videos that educate and illustrate how the cleansing processes work, and how each component of the Cleansing Lifestyle serves to facilitate your body’s cleansing and healing process.
  • Clear, inspiring, readable content that teaches and supports you in implementing each cleansing routine;
  • Learning, practice and accountability tools (self-assessments, charts, worksheets and other fun stuff!)
  • Resources – for those of you who love to learn, and want to explore these topics more deeply.


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