Healing Lyme Huddle:
How Lyme disease can bring meaning, alignment, & resilience to your life

 Date: Thursday, December 27, 2018

Time: 1:00 – 2:00 pm, EST

Cost: Free!

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Join me for a special LIVE online talk about living well while on your healing journey (and beyond).   

You’ll learn about the strategic use of herbs, supplements and lifestyle practices to support the regeneration of your health.  AND you’ll receive insight into the inner journey of healing.

You see, the bigger the challenges you are experiencing, the greater the opportunity you have to root down into the values, feelings, and ways of life that are most aligned for you.  How to do this?  That’s what you’ll discover from the huddle!

True healing from chronic illness is much more than just killing microbes or trying to make symptoms disappear.  

It has to do with personal growth, meaning-making, and your relationship to your health challenges.

During this deep and reflective time of year let’s re-commit to our individual healing journeys TOGETHER.

During our gathering we’ll talk about:

  • The difference between fixing and healing.
  • What it really takes to heal yourself (or your patients) from Lyme and complex chronic disease – from practical to spiritual.
  • How to create a cohesive life, community and healing process that mutually supports and strengthens.

Don’t miss this profound opportunity to change and up-level the way you approach your healing process from this day forward. 

Join us!  I look forward to seeing you there…

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