Therapeutic Juice Fasting Intensive

for people with

Lyme, SIBO, & chronic illness

A 6-week journey of release and accelerated healing with Hillary Thing, LAc., Cert. Herbalist & Detox Guide

Are you ready to take your vitality to the next level?

The essential problem that all people with persistent Lyme and chronic infectious disease have, is how to get better as quickly and completely as possible.

By “getting better” I don’t just mean that your infection load is diminished, I mean that your symptoms have receded, your vitality is back, and you are strong and capable in every cell of your being.

Yet for most of you, your journey of recovery is rocky, winding, and feels highly uncertain – if you feel on the path to recovery at all.  Multiple chronic infections are often well-entrenched inside the body and resistant to treatment.

Antibiotics kill some of the microbes some of the time, but leave your body toxic and torn – and the remaining bacteria even stronger.  And the best herbal and supplement protocols are only as good as your body is able to make use of them – which for many Lyme sufferers, is not much.


“I have really been enjoying the program and It is helping me a great deal.  I have been interested in health and nutrition for years, and feel this program puts together a wonderful blend of powerful practices that are having a big impact on my health. In fact, most of my Lyme symptoms are all gone! I am excited to make the basics of this program work for me for the rest of my life.  Thank you so much for making this all possible!”

– GA, age 28, chronic pain due to Lyme

Strategies that actually rejuvenate and revitalize the body’s innate capacity to heal are seriously under-utilized in both conventional (forget about it!) and even natural medicine – and the field of Lyme disease treatment, where it matters most, is no different.

Very little Lyme treatment is focused on the regeneration of your life force, your inner capacity to heal, and that is what keeps many Lyme sufferers trapped inside a cycle of disease, toxicity, and incomplete healing.

The #1 rejuvenation strategy for human vitality is fasting.  For busy, toxic, modern-day chronically-ill people, juice-fasting is the fasting method of choice, and the Uprooting Lyme approach utilizes an entire spectrum of modification that makes it DO-ABLE FOR EVERY BODY.

The truth is, rejuvenation does not come in a bottle, though there are a thousand products that promise it.

If successful rejuvenation were that easy, we’d all take second helpings!

I’ll tell you a secret: Overcoming Lyme, SIBO, and chronic stealth infection requires going beyond what you have ever done before to support your health.

In my 20 years of clinical experience, the 3 biggest reasons why people don’t make use of the profoundly disease-eliminating and revitalizing practice of fasting is:

#1. Lack of Knowledge. You simply don’t know enough to effectively put it to use.

#2. Fear. You are concerned about safety.   And let’s face it, it seems pretty extreme.

#3. Lack of personalized guidance and support.  When you’re trapped in the DIY model and trying to figure it all out on our own, there are too many ways you can fall into the common pitfalls – not understanding how to stay disciplined or when to be flexible – and then give up.

“This program made me aware of the habits that we are conditioned to think are OK but in reality are depleting.  I now really know how to take care of my body and my health and that has become a priority.  As a result, people tell me how much younger I look!  I no longer feel sick, and I have much more energy.  My knees are now pain-free, and I have re-built my strength and stamina.  Hillary has been a godsend.  Everyone – Lyme or no Lyme – should do this program to learn how to become truly healthy.”

– KJ, age 64, Lyme Disease, knee pain, and aging way too fast

That’s where the Therapeutic Juice Fasting Intensive comes in:

  • To teach you how to best utilize and master the art and science of cleansing through fasting to restore your innate capacity to heal from persistent infections like Lyme, co-infections, yeast, parasites, viruses, and most chronic diseases.
  • To guide you in creating a personalized 1-month fasting / cleansing diet uniquely designed to address your health conditions, goals, and present capacity for detoxification.
  • To support you every step of the way, from the Planning Phase to the Return Phase, and every day in-between.

The Therapeutic Juice Fasting Intensive provides you with:

  • A clear vision of the spectrum of cleansing diet and fasting practices so that you can understand your many options and choose which level of detoxification is right for you at this time – from “anyone can do this!” to very advanced;
  • Your choice among 3 levels of engagement with private consultation to personalize and guide your 6-week Fasting Intensive.  We can gear your fast specifically to eliminate SIBO, parasites, yeast, to uncover food allergies, or for general detox, immune enhancement, and rejuvenation.
  • Weekly content provides you with detailed, easy to follow instructions to prepare you for your Therapeutic Fasting Intensive, with weekly recipes for every level of cleansing, and details for how to return to a more”normal” healing diet when the time comes to close the fast.
  • Weekly training and fasting support videos to help you meet the challenges of cleansing and fasting with grace and truly become masterful at this profoundly powerful healing practice;
  • 2 live group Q & A calls per week with me, Hillary Thing, to guide and support you fully on your 6-week journey and connect you with others who have also chosen an accelerated path to holistic Lyme recovery – 1 call is with our current treatment program community, and the other is fasters-only;
  • Access to the “Invite Only” Uprooting Lyme Wellness Community Facebook forum where you can virtually meet and share experiences with others who are implementing these same powerful natural healing tools at both beginner and advanced levels (and everything in-between).  The power of the group truly does support and energize everyone’s recovery process.



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This program is NOT for everyone! It IS for those of you who:

  • Have Lyme disease, SIBO, yeast overgrowth, parasites, viral infection, and other chronic health problems, and you’re ready to do something “radical” to clean up the inside of your body NOW;
  • Feel called to become more masterful at putting into practice the most powerful tool for regeneration and rejuvenation of the human body that nature has to offer;
  • Want personalized intensive training in Uprooting Lyme’s spectrum of cleansing diet and fasting, with expert guidance and support so that you can cleanse at that sweet spot of maximum safety, effectiveness, and benefit to your body and mind;
  • Appreciate clarity and simplicity, and believe your body has the ability to heal, given the proper support.

This program will not overwhelm you, nor it will not be difficult to implement.  We cover the basics with clarity and precision and provide you with just the right amount of information to support you in understanding why these strategies are so powerful.  No matter what level of health or detox experience you’re coming from, we’ll help you create a 1-month (or longer) fasting / cleansing program that works to empower your individual healing process, and can be used over and over again to encourage the full restoration of your health.


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There is no need to suffer with your debilitating symptoms, your unhappiness, frustration, and lack of progress in recovery any longer. Get down to the basics of healing your body naturally – so the rest of your recovery efforts can propel you forward.

Still have questions? Email or call us at (845) 687-6211.

“Thanks for putting this program together, I am really enjoying it and like having the new information and structure to begin putting healthy practices into place.  I am noticing lots of wonderful changes so far and look forward to more as I slowly integrate a new way of taking care of my body.  Many Thanks!”

– PJ, age 58, Lyme, tinnitus