Accord Acupuncture & Herb Shoppe / Uprooting Lyme

Program Manager Job Description

About Accord Acupuncture & Herb Shoppe / Uprooting Lyme

Uprooting Lyme is a leading voice in the field of holistic Lyme disease treatment.  We provide year-long professional training for health practitioners as well as online treatment programs and 1:1 personalized consultation for patients with Lyme and other similar complex chronic diseases.

Accord Acupuncture & Herbs Shoppe (AAHS) is the brick and mortar health clinic located in Stone Ridge, NY, where Hillary Thing and Associates provide comprehensive holistic health services to patients in-person.

Hillary also teaches both online and live at conferences and schools nationwide.

Our mission is to teach, mentor and empower people whose lives have been affected by Lyme disease to create vibrant health, disease resistance for themselves, their families and our planet.

As a result of the work that we do through AAHS and Uprooting Lyme, people learn the fundamental strategies and practices that are required to restore health to a toxin and infection burdened body.

By using a uniquely designed methodology of health generation, patients and practitioners master their ability to create a clean, aligned, and vital body and life.

Purpose of Role

We are looking for a mature, committed Program Manager who is passionate about their work, focused, extremely reliable, an outstanding communicator and an extremely detail-oriented dedicated team player.

In this role, you will be the right-hand support for Founder and Owner Hillary Thing.  Your goal will be to support us in achieving daily the vision of AAHS / Uprooting Lyme by coordinating and executing many behind the scenes operational tasks, as well as participate in maintaining a smooth-running health clinic.  You may also at times work closely with our virtual marketing and technical team, and the Clinic Associates.

Outcomes & Measures of Success:

The Program Manager will use their organizational talents to ensure an immaculate customer experience for our patients and professional students, and proactively support our Associates and Clinic Manager. You are bringing your skills and talents to a company that strives to empower chronically ill people to rebuild their health from the ground up, and teach health professionals to build holistic Lyme specialty practices from the ground up – which makes a profound difference in their lives and far beyond.

In this role you will:

  • Work with the Clinic Manager to ensure all internal operations run smoothly and on schedule. This includes attending regular team meetings and managing other business operations via online software.
  • Delight our clients/practitioner-students and exceed their expectations with above and beyond customer service and timely communication.
  • Manage email / phone communications and respond in a friendly and timely manner whether it be to prospects, vendors, clients/community, practitioner students, or fellow Team Members.
  • Manage all aspects of Practitioner Mentorship onboarding, billing and payment processing, and resolving issues efficiently.
  • Answer questions relating to our online programs with the intention of enrolling prospective clients into our Detox For Lyme online program or the Holistic Lyme Practitioner Mentorship.
  • Holistic Lyme Teaching Clinic planning, coordinating details including securing venue, food, and patient scheduling details with complete accuracy.
  • Support Hillary with arranging for speaking and teaching engagements and schools and conferences nationwide.
  • Support Hillary with all details related to speaking and teaching at distant schools and conferences, including travel details, connecting with potential clients face-to-face, marketing, and whatever may be needed to create a smooth experience for Hillary. This may involve domestic travel at a maximum of 3 times per year.
  • Collaborate with the Web/Tech and social media subcontractors to maintain our client database and support with backend operations.
  • Assist with all marketing tasks, including setting up e-newsletters, sharing on social media, sending emails regarding online webinars and  program launches, and helping to organize and plan ahead for upcoming marketing events.

Attributes for Success

We are seeking a team member who will roll up their sleeves and dive in wholeheartedly. To be successful in this role you must demonstrate that you have:

  • A true desire to serve.  Your role is an essential part of the experience to help our clinic patients and practitioner-students feel supported, valued and receive high value and return. You understand that service, clients and their care are our highest priority. You always want people – no matter who it is – to have the best experience. This includes anticipating their needs and bringing a healthy dose of wow-factor to your interactions with clients. We aim to put a smile on our prospects’ and clients’ faces and confidence in their hearts.
  • A passion for excellence. You go above and beyond on tasks and hold yourself to a high standard of excellence in every project you take on. You are able to identify gaps and act quickly to resolve them.
  • Initiative. You have a strong ability to figure things out and think creatively to solve problems independently.  In a small business, we must act swiftly and address challenges head on – your ability to think quickly and generate solutions to problems that arise will be essential.
  • An eye for detail. You will be THE person in the company responsible for making sure every ‘t’ is crossed and ‘i’ is dotted to ensure a seamless experience. We need someone who can work fast to deliver projects to completion, even when curveballs are thrown your way.
  • Ability to prioritize and get things done. When running a small business, priorities change all the time. We need someone who is able to keep an eye on the big picture while creating order from the chaos to ensure that we deliver on time, every time. You are super productive, a powerful planner and a wizard at tracking multiple tasks simultaneously. When multiple deadlines approach, you rise to meet each and every one of them, every time.
  • Fast tech learner. We use a variety of tech integrations and will ask you to get up to speed quickly to use them. Experience in Infusionsoft or Mailchimp, Quickbooks, Asana or Basecamp, and Unified Practice is favorable.
  • Fabulous communication skills. You are outstanding at maintaining relationships and excel at keeping in contact and tracking your communication through to completion with people whether it be prospects, clients or team. You take personal responsibility for your actions and pride yourself on your integrity. You are kind, enthusiastic, exude warmth and find it easy to connect with people. Our greatest measure of success is client retention and you understand that the preserving and cherishing of the relationships we have with our clients (both patients and practitioners) is top priority as well as to treat every prospect as if they are already a member of our treasured community.
  • It’s all hands on deck at all times. We are a very close knit team who work hard with the intention to have a lot of fun along the way. We are seeking someone to join our AAHS / Uprooting Lyme Team family who is as prolific and passionate as we are!


Start Date: ASAP

Hours Per Week:  Approximately 30 hours / week.  ***A flexible schedule is a requirement for this position!

Starting Pay:  $17 – $22+ / hour DOE

Location:  Stone Ridge, NY; with potential for SOME work to be done from home.

If this feels like an opportunity that speaks to your soul, please complete the following steps:

  1. Write a 1-2 page Google doc addressing how you meet the selection criteria above through your work and life experience.
  2. Send the google doc link along with links to 2 social media profiles and/or website to with subject heading = Job Application.
  3. Please also provide answers to the following questions by attaching or sharing an additional document:

#1. How comfortable are you with technology?

1 – Tech Novice




5 – Tech Pro

Explain your choice for that number.

#2. Please place a check next to what software you have experience with:

__ Infusionsoft, Ontraport or Mailchimp

__ WordPress

__ Paypal

__ Asana or Basecamp

__ Gmail and google docs

__ Unified Practice or other Practice Management Software

__ Quickbooks

Please explain your experience with any of the programs that you checked.

#3. If possible, please provide us with your Kolbe Code. (If you don’t know, take the assessment here:

#4. Please provide an example of when you worked well under pressure.  What was the situation and how did you respond?

#5. How do you manage your own time, prioritize tasks, and hold yourself accountable for getting things done accurately and on time?

#6. How would you prioritize this list of tasks that would all need to be done by end of the day? (Drag and Drop in order of importance – 1 being most important, or place a number next to each item.)

  • Performing all 6 New Practitioner Mentorship Welcome Tasks for 3 new practitioners
  • Respond to 4 new potential client inquiries
  • Respond to a reporter that wants to interview Hillary for a story on Lyme disease (that could provide new patient leads)
  • Respond to 3 upset / concerned patient emails and calls
  • Email Hillary (your boss) a document she requested by end of day
  • Respond to a team member’s question
  • Return a client’s phone call who wants to come in for treatment if possible today
  • Remove non-current clients from a weekly group call list
  • Why did you prioritize tasks in this way?

#7. How flexible is your schedule?  Are you willing to work somewhat flexible hours from time to time?  Please explain.

#8. Please provide an example of where you went above and beyond to put a smile on someone’s face.  What was the situation and how did you WOW them?

#9. Please provide an example of a situation where you were given feedback about how to improve a task. What was the situation and how did you respond?

#10. Please provide an example of when you missed a task that needed to be completed by a certain date and time, or made a mistake. What was the situation and how did you respond?

#11. What are 3 things you want to be sure to accomplish in your lifetime and why?

#12. What are 5 things you LOVE to do?

#13. When would you be available to begin?

Applications must be received by November 30, 2018.