Herbal Solutions For Your Lyme & Complex Patients


Date: January 29, 2020  |  Time: 6-7 pm, EST  |  Cost: Free!


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Many practitioners are looking for effective, easy-to-prescribe herbal treatments for their Lyme and complex disease patients.  Some of the best options for compliance and potency are herbal tinctures and liposomal essential oil remedies. In this webinar I will share the specially designed herbal and liposomal EO formulas that we make and use daily in our clinic to successfully treat Lyme, co-infections, yeast overgrowth, parasites, mold toxicity and more.

And the best part is, since we have done the formulating for you, any type of practitioner can use them effectively!

Liposomal essential oil remedies are an innovative form of herbal medicine that are truly a breakthrough in holistic Lyme treatment.  This webinar will explain what these are and why they are so effective. Liposomal EO remedies treat complex illness at the source.  They are antimicrobial, anti-toxin, and anti-inflammatory, and we are now making them available to you and your patients.   For both the herbal tinctures and the liposomal EO remedies we’ll discuss:

  • Specific formulations, so you understand what they are used for and how they work.
  • Recommended dosages and pacing for best outcomes.
  • How to use these products in the context of a strategic treatment plan.
  • Sample protocols for acute Lyme disease and chronic Lyme / Lyme-like illness with various presentations using these and additional products.

Your success rate with Lyme and complex illness can increase substantially when you have the most effective tools to work with.  Join us to learn how to have these treatments at your fingertips! 

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Presented by: Hillary Thing, LAc., Master Herbalist.  Hillary has spent the past 2 decades of clinical practice digging for answers to complex health problems, including cancer, Lyme, chronic infection, and chronic inflammatory disease.  Her clinical practice is devoted to teaching people how to heal naturally from Lyme and complex chronic diseases, and in the process build a vibrant, disease-resistant life along the way.  She created the Holistic Lyme Practitioner Mentorship to support other holistic practitioners in gaining mastery of the treatment of Lyme and complex chronic disease.