Recover & Reclaim

A year-long holistic treatment program to recover your health and reclaim your vitality, specially designed for patients with limited financial resources.

Reclaim your health from chronic illness.

Take a year to prioritize your health, detoxify your body, step off the hamster wheel of antibiotics and pharmaceuticals, and nourish your innate healing capacity. Through this program you will take many small steps (aka 1 giant leap!) toward healing your chronic health problems naturally, holistically, and powerfully.

The Recover & Reclaim program is a rare opportunity to receive expert guidance on healing chronic illness from Hillary Thing, our Associates, and practitioners mentoring in Uprooting Lyme’s methods of treating Lyme and complex chronic illness. Your success will be supported by ongoing holistic treatment at a fraction of the regular cost.

A Full-Year Treatment Plan for Healing Complex Illness

In this program, you will receive:

  • A guided two-month cleansing and detoxification program to prepare your body for addressing Lyme and/or complex illness treatment;
  • An initial full medical evaluation and treatment plan from the holistic medical perspective;
  • A schedule of 9 monthly follow-up appointments to provide personalized evaluation, guidance, and accountability to ensure your health continues to advance over the year;
  • Herbal, essential oil, and supplement protocols to treat your Lyme (or other chronic) disease as well as whatever other health problems are going on – it’s all connected;
  • Specific instructions for diet and lifestyle adjustments that will aid your recovery;
  • On-going support and guidance in detoxification, cleansing practices, diet, and other essential forms of lifestyle medicine.

While in our program, your progress will also be monitored to document the effectiveness of our unique holistic and natural approach to healing from complex chronic disease.


$1,000 + cost of any recommended herbs & supplements. This cost represents an almost 40% savings off of Hillary’s regular private rate.

A non-refundable $100 deposit is required for enrollment in this program. After that, you will be charged $75/month via a credit card.

Our clinic employs a broad spectrum of healing modalities, including:

  • Western and Chinese herbal medicine
  • Food as medicine
  • Water as medicine
  • Detoxification practices and protocols
  • Targeted protocols for mold, heavy metals, co-infections, yeast and parasites
  • Acupuncture
  • Emotional and energy management techniques Aromatherapy
  • Rife technology
  • Medical cannabis

Program Overview

PHASE 1 – PREPARATION: The Detox for Lyme Online Course (2 months)
+ (9) Weekly Detox for Lyme Q&A / Accountability Calls

Jump-start your cleansing lifestyle with the 8-week Detox For Lyme online treatment program. Detoxification is a critical first step to prepare your body for any holistic, herbal and/or antimicrobial medical treatment. Go at your own pace, but use 9 weekly (30 minute) Q&A / accountability calls to support your success. These calls are scheduled for Mondays at 5:15 pm ET on the following dates:

  • March 21
  • March 28
  • April 4
  • April 11
  • April 18
  • April 25
  • May 2
  • May 9
  • May 16.

PHASE 2 – TREATMENT (10 months)

The treatment phase begins with the May Teaching Clinic, during which you will receive a full evaluation from the holistic medical perspective. After that, you will receive 8 follow-up consultations spaced roughly monthly. If you live within driving distance of our clinic in Kingston, NY, you may choose for your May, August and November sessions to be in-person and include an acupuncture session. The consultations will occur between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm on the following dates:

    • May 20 – 21 (1-hour full consultation, virtual or in-person)
    • June 27 – 29 (30-minute virtual follow-up)
    • August 12 & 13 (30-minute virtual or in-person follow-up)
    • September 12-14 (30-minute virtual follow-up)
    • October 17-19 (30-minute virtual follow-up)
    • November 11 & 12 (30-minute virtual or in-person follow-up)
    • December 12-14 (30-minute virtual follow-up)
    • January 9-11 (30-minute virtual follow-up)
    • February 13-15 (30-minute virtual follow-up)

All consults are led by an Associate of Hillary Thing or a practitioner in their 2nd (or more) year of training with Hillary. All treatment plans, protocols and herbal formulations are directly overseen by Hillary either in the moment (at Teaching Clinics) or reviewed within the week of follow-up consultations.


Participation is limited to just 13 participants per year.

Spots are limited and are filled by qualified applicants on a first-come, first-served basis.



Is this program right for me?

This program works best for those with chronic, long standing health issues that have resisted treatment by other means. It is designed for those who have the willingness and desire to commit to Uprooting Lyme’s protocol for a full year, but lack the funds for private sessions. It’s ideal for patients who can devote some amount of finances, time, and effort to regaining their health.

Can I be on antibiotics or other medications?

In short, yes. We work with where you’re at right now, helping you incorporate practices that will help your current protocols be more effective. If you want to transition away from antibiotics or other meds, we can also help you bridge the gap naturally.

Can I continue to work with my doctor or other practitioners?

Yes, we regularly work with patients who have support from other practitioners.

What happens after the program has ended? Will I be all better?

As you probably know, healing from Lyme or complex chronic illness takes considerable time and dedication. Every person’s journey is different, and though we don’t know what your journey will look like, we’re committed to seeing you through a year of the hard work of healing. We feel that this is the best way of ensuring that we make real progress together.

What if I need support in between my consultations?

Any questions, feedback or concerns will be promptly addressed by NLHC support staff.  If our support staff are unable to provide sufficient guidance, they will consult with your practitioner or Hillary and relay information back to you.

For more detailed information about how we support patients in-between sessions, please read our Patient Contract.

What is the difference between the HLTC appointments and my semi-private follow up appointments?

During your HLTC appointment, Hillary will be on-site and/or present, and your consultation may be observed by the larger group.

Hillary will NOT be present for the semi-private follow-up appointments that occur in-between the HLTC’s, but these appointments will be guided by a trusted Associate of our clinic or a practitioner who’s in an advanced level of training with Hillary, and there may be several other practitioners observing and supporting.  

Hillary oversees the treatment protocol and recommendations and approves all herbal formulas and treatment plans for every session, HLTC or semi-private.

I want to start on my treatment phase right away. Do I have to go through the Detox for Lyme program?

Part of what distinguishes the Uprooting Lyme approach from other Lyme treatment programs is our emphasis on detoxification. The detoxification process is a major component of our treatment that helps people feel better faster, and helps other forms of treatment (antibiotic, herbal or otherwise) work better. Treatment is most effective when the body is detoxifying well. We find this is a missing piece in almost all of our patients. This is why we have patients complete the detoxification program before treatment begins.

If after reading this, you still want to begin your treatment right away, you may schedule an initial and any number of follow-up consultations with Hillary or one of our associates before the program begins. These consultations will be at an additional cost at 20% off the standard rate.

I need consistency. Will I be with the same practitioner all year?

Yes, it’s our intention that your consultations will be led by the same practitioner each time. In addition, all consultations will ultimately be monitored and treatment plans approved by Hillary Thing.

What does the cost cover? How much are the herbs and supplements?

The R&R program itself is $1000 for the year. That works out to $75/month for 12 months after a $100 deposit, and includes the 8-week online Detox for Lyme detoxification program with weekly Q&A calls and 10 consultations. Additionally, our practitioners often prescribe herbal teas or tinctures, liposomal essential oil remedies, or other supplements that guide and support the healing of the body in personalized ways.  We need R&R participants to be able to afford this additional cost. Our estimate for the total cost of program + herbs and supplements is approximately $250-400 a month on average.

I have sensitivities. Will my system be able to handle this?

We have a lot of patients with many and varied sensitivities to foods, herbs, supplements, and various treatments. It’s important to us that the solutions we offer meet patients where they are. Our general approach is to cleanse, detoxify, and build resilience before, during, and after we work an antimicrobial regimen, so that the patient doesn’t feel overwhelmed or attempt too much too fast. We also start with small steps that we ensure are well-tolerated before we add on. That is all to say, your protocol will be quite individually tailored to you and the pace and strength that works for YOUR needs.

Enrollment has begun for 2022.

Enrollment ends March 1, 2022, or when the program is full.



The Recover & Reclaim Program is made possible through the Holistic Lyme Practitioner Mentorship program, in which Hillary mentors licensed health professionals (such as nurses, acupuncturists, herbalists and naturopaths) in the Uprooting Lyme approach to treating Lyme and complex chronic illness.