Class: The Treatment of Lyme & Stealth Infections with Chinese and Natural Medicine



This talk is intended to empower attendees to step into the central role that Chinese medicine practitioners can (and indeed must!) play in the proper diagnosis and effective treatment of Lyme and Lyme-like illness. (Read more here.)

Where: Live at the Nourishing Life Health Center, 2821 Route 209, Kingston, NY or Online via Zoom

When: Saturday, January 15th, 2022 9am – 5pm ET

Cost: $250 / $200 early-bird

Student rate: (for students of Chinese, Naturopathic or herbal medicine) $150


Hillary Thing, LAc. is a holistic Lyme disease specialist with over two decades of clinical experience. She trains health professionals in holistic Lyme treatment via a year-long training, the Holistic Lyme Practitioner Mentorship. Hillary educates people worldwide via, and at scientific and holistic medical conferences throughout the US. She treats patients both in-person at Nourishing Life Health Center in Kingston, NY and internationally via telemedicine.

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General Public, Student of Chinese, Naturopathic, or Herbal Medicine


In Person at our clinic in Kingston, NY, Live-Streamed via Zoom


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