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Be part of the solution by helping to meet the rising need for highly-trained holistic practitioners who specialize in complex chronic and infectious disease.



With chronic fatigue, stress, digestive issues, auto—immunity, and inflammatory diseases at unprecedented levels, and incidence of chronic stealth infections such as Lyme disease exploding in epidemic proportions, the demand for more than mere symptom suppression and antibiotics has never been greater.


Meanwhile, patients are desperate for better solutions. There ought to be dozens of highly knowledgeable and experienced holistic Lyme specialists in every state, but there are just a handful in the nation.

pillsFor example, the problem with the prevailing approach to Lyme disease treatment – either short or long-term antibiotics – is that it focuses on microbe elimination, yet does little to build back the patient’s capacity to heal, which has been damaged by the disease process itself.

What’s more, too often if a patient also has severe complaints of pain, neuropathy, anxiety, migraines, or any other difficult symptom, they are given additional suppressive drugs, including steroids, which further suppresses the immune system.


hole-in-wall  Patients often find themselves deeper and deeper in the hole of suffering from their illness…

We desperately need a new approach to healing Lyme disease

– one that focuses on treating the underlying causes of chronic infection, rather than killing the microbe alone or just suppressing symptoms.  One that recognizes that our diet, lifestyle, and vital energy are the primary factors that contribute to disease recovery and the healing of damaged organs and cellular function.

In my experience, the best Lyme-literate doctors would agree with all of this in theory, they just don’t have the practical knowledge to facilitate such breakthroughs for their patients, because it’s not part of their medical training or mindset to do so.


The Uprooting Lyme treatment model addresses Lyme and complex chronic illness at all levels of a person’s being – the mind, emotions, and energetic as well as the physical – and it represents the future of holistic Lyme disease treatment.

The Uprooting Lyme approach is:

sitting-meditatorCurious. It seeks to uncover the hidden barriers to healing and addresses disease processes by focusing on the underlying cause of the problem, which leads to more profound and longer-lasting results.

Holistic. It envisions the body as an interconnected whole that is in dynamic relationship to its environment. It brings a return of health by understanding what is lacking and out of alignment within the bio-energetic system as a whole.

Patient-centered. Our process requires the patient’s willingness to transform, awaken, and see things anew. We treat the patient, not just the disease, and the patient is a co-creator of the treatment process. Treatments are highly individualized based on patient’s ever-changing needs.

Humans have unwittingly become vulnerable and mal-adapted to the conditions we have created on the planet.

tea-cupSo long as we continue to insist that we can live outside of nature, and treat disease simply by winning the war against bacteria, we will fail to adapt and thrive.

Yet as individuals and communities, we can make different choices that build back vitality, release toxin and disease burdens, regenerate organs, and restore cellular energy.

In order to create a personalized path of healing for individuals with Lyme and complex chronic disease, practitioners must learn to:

woman-on-bridge Lead with your intuition. It’s critical to obtain the energetic awareness and coaching skills necessary to guide patients successfully down a path of holistic healing from entrenched chronic disease.

Provide new insight. As a practitioner you must hold a deep understanding of the dietary, detoxification, movement, emotional, energetic, sleep, and other lifestyle factors that are necessary to support the process of healing from Lyme disease. And you must be able to effectively educate and teach your patients as well.

Restore the bio-terrain. This is a key goal of the custom cleansing, nutrition and lifestyle plans that you will learn to prescribe to your patients.

No other school or program offers a comprehensive professional-level approach to the holistic and natural treatment of Lyme disease. You won’t learn it in medical, naturopathic, or Chinese medicine school, or at an ILADS conference.



So where do you go to learn this patient-centered innovative approach to holistic Lyme and complex chronic disease treatment?


This one-year clinical mentorship is specially designed to give you everything you need in three areas that are essential to your success:


  • Practical application of specialized natural tools and strategies for Lyme and complex chronic disease treatment.
  • A bio-energetic approach to understanding the journey and processes of healing from complex chronic disease.
  • Practice and case management skills so that your clinical practice becomes a joyful success for both you and your patients.


child-n-waterHealth-Generating Life Practices

This is the only holistic training that teaches the detoxification, dietary, lifestyle, and energetic principles that have been refined for the Lyme and complex chronic illness patient population, and that are critical to the healing of these diseases.


Uprooting Lyme 1-year Practitioner Mentorship Overview:

The topics of this training are multi-faceted, and integrated into live and virtual clinical trainings so that you receive practical experience and achieve a personally enriching, and exponentially more productive up-levelling of your clinical skills.

Based on best practices of mentorship and learning theory, this course maximizes your mastery.  Most important, it goes way beyond teaching information and theory to help you hone your investigative approach, perception and intuition, coaching skills, ability to uncover what’s blocking a patient’s recovery, and to manage actual complex chronic disease cases in real-time throughout the course.


The course contains multiple formats for interaction with Hillary and your fellow students to learn experientially, stay engaged, and get your questions answered as you go.

(3) Live In-Person Lyme Treatment Clinics

Location: High Falls, NY (exact location TBA)
2019 Dates: TBA
Every clinic includes preparation, numerous and varied clinical experiences, and debrief, followed by joyful community dinners with your colleagues.


(3) Half-Day Virtual Clinics:

worktableProvides opportunity to discuss and be mentored through your own real world cases, follow up with patients from the Lyme Treatment Clinic, and dive into other clinically related issues such as pulse and tongue diagnosis, psychiatric and dermatological presentations, and more.

Location: Online Video Conferencing
2019 Dates & Times: TBA

(10) Monthly Mentorship Q&A calls:

These monthly group video conferencing calls are where we check in with questions, clinical issues, self-reflection, and have opportunity to process the information and clinical experiences of the program. They are scheduled at varying times to fit your schedule.

(30) approx. 90-minute Video Trainings + Transcripts


Homework & Quizzes:

Necessary for receiving CEU credits (presently pending). Otherwise, a low-stakes, no pressure way to help you assess your understanding, review materials, and facilitate integration of the teachings as you go along.

Lyme & Associated Diseases Diagnostics Manual:

A quick reference and must-have guide for understanding how to recommend, interpret, and advise patients regarding diagnostics for Lyme-Borreliosis, co-infections, and commonly related diseases.

Recommended Reading:

Optional high-quality informational resources that will serve you well into the future.

Specialized Diagnostic Questionnaires and Checklists

Patient Education Handouts

Real Case Studies:

Via our live in-person clinics, the virtual clinics, and our monthly Mentorship Q&A calls, a strongly case-based learning format ensures that you gain practical, real-world application of what you are learning.

Recordings of all live and virtual sessions

(except for clinical sessions).

Small class size

To ensure the highest level of mentorship and learning.

Real-world skill development so you become confident and capable at treating real-world patients!

You’ll get the theory you need, but you’ll learn it in the context of real- person cases, with their unique patient histories, lab results, symptom patterns, layers of dis-ease, tongue and pulse presentation, skin markings, patient care needs, treatment design, treatment outcomes, and more.

hands-2The goal of this course is to facilitate the development of specially-trainined, powerfully effective, confident holistic medicine practitioners who are well-equipped at bringing people who are struggling with complex chronic disease all the way through their journey back to health.

When I thought back on what it took to build my own practice specializing in Lyme and complex chronic diseases — the research, the clinical experimentation, the trial and error, the stress over not knowing how best to guide patients, and the constant development of ways to take patient’s healing deeper, farther, and faster — I knew I had to provide more than just a brief training!

I’ve spent countless hours over the past 2 decades to develop this approach for my own practice. Fortunately for you, I’ve spent the time and energy so you don’t have to!

Are You Ready to Expand Your Practice and Expertise?

This training is for licensed healthcare professionals (MDs, DOs, NDs, DCs, LAcs, Functional Medicine practitioners, Herbalists, Holistic Health Coaches, NPs, etc.) who feel called to:

  • Move beyond the antimicrobial and pharmaceutical strategy to learning how to build back your patient’s vitality and innate capacity to self-heal.
  • Develop individualized herbal, detox, nutritional, and supplement treatment plans.
  • Equip yourself with new, more effective solutions for complex chronic illness and infection.
  • Expand your current offerings to include a wider spectrum of tools to support healing and recovery among your Lyme and multi-systems disease patients.
  • Improve your outcomes with chronic disease treatment in general in your practice.
  • Strengthen your ability to work collaboratively with other licensed healthcare providers.

Do you qualify?

The training is primarily designed for licensed healthcare practitioners. If you have circumstances that you feel would make you a strong candidate for the program, you may also apply to be considered for acceptance into the program.

Application process: Please fill out the application below. Within a few days, someone will contact you to set up an interview with Hillary, where you can get your questions answered and together decide if you are a good fit for the program.


Some FAQs

What is the cost?

The cost for the entire program is $7,000. We require a $500 non- refundable deposit to reserve your spot. You may then pay $6,150 in full (a 5% savings), or 12 monthly payments of $541.66 (March 1, 2019– February 1, 2020).

If you register prior to NOVEMBER 30, 2018, you receive a $500 EARLY-BIRD REGISTRATION SAVINGS, making the program cost $6,500. After the $500 non-refundable deposit to reserve your space, you may then pay $5,700 in full (an additional 5% savings) or 12 monthly payments of $500.00 (March 1, 2019 – February 1, 2020).

The cost does include several high-quality meals during the live clinic so that we can eat together to foster connection, conversation and community (more details upon registration). The cost also does NOT include the cost of lodging, although we can recommend affordable, near-by places to stay.

Do I need to have prior training in acupuncture, herbal medicine, or Lyme biomedicine?

No. You will receive training in Lyme and chronic disease-related biomedicine, and in the use of acupuncture, herbal medicine, food as medicine, and numerous other forms of holistic treatment for complex chronic diseases.  If a particular modality that is used in clinic is not available to you under your particular licensure or training, you will still benefit by observing its use in clinic, and how to build your referral network to include holistic practitioners with services complementary to yours.

Is there a certification at the end?

Upon completion of each module’s assignments, and assuming satisfactory attendance at the live and virtual clinics, you will:

  • Be awarded a certificate of completion stating that you completed the Uprooting Lyme Practitioner Mentorship Program, Level 1, with Hillary Thing;
  • If desired you will be listed in a directory of practitioners who have completed the Level One course on the Uprooting Lyme website and become part of our referral network;
  • Receive access to an official badge you can use in your marketing and on your site indicating you have completed this Level One Uprooting Lyme Practitioner Mentorship.

Do I have to pass tests or complete homework along the way?

Yes, if you want to receive CEU’s (presently pending) and/or become part of our referral network at the end of the course. Otherwise, those activities are optional.

What is the time commitment? What if I fall behind schedule?

We estimate that the amount of time it will take you to cover the material and complete any assignments will be approximately 2-4 hours / week. There will periodically be “incubation weeks” when no new content will be delivered and you will have time to catch up. You will also have until the end of February 2018 to complete any coursework that may be outstanding.

Is it a self-study course where I go at my own pace?

Yes, you may go at your own pace, and you will own the materials and be able to review the content as much as you want over the years. That being said, you will get more out of our live and virtual clinical trainings if you have reviewed the material ahead of time. The written and video content informs some of the topics we cover during the live training so that you can practice applying the new knowledge in a clinical setting with real patients.

Is there a way to ask questions?

There will be ample opportunity to ask questions and for lateral learning through group discussion. Opportunities to get your questions answered will be available during the live and virtual clinical trainings, the monthly Mentorship Q&A call, and on the practitioner FB forum.

Will I be able to ask questions and receive mentorship about my private cases?

Yes. You will be invited to bring your challenging Lyme cases to our live and virtual clinics, or for discussion during our monthly Q&A calls. Learning how to better serve your current patients is a great way to begin implementing the teachings and reaping the benefits in your practice sooner than later. There are also 3 case studies that must be completed as part of your course assignments. These may be cases from your private practice or from our in-person Lyme clinic.

There’s a topic I’m interested in that I don’t see listed. How can I find out if it’s covered?

Just ask! We’re happy to clarify any questions you have about the content topics that will be covered. You can email us your questions at or call us at (845) 687-6211.

What happens if I have to drop out of the course mid-way?

Hopefully you’ll have no reason to voluntarily quit. We’ve done our best to design a course that fits into even the busiest schedule, and set a high bar to deliver a quality educational experience. If you should need to temporarily interrupt your participation, you can return and continue at your own pace.

This is a non-refundable, self-paced course. You are free to quit at any time, but you will not receive a refund and will still be required to complete your monthly payments until you have met your full course fee obligation. If you are unable to attend 2/3 of the live and virtual trainings, you may not be eligible for the Certificate of Completion and referral listing.

Is this training suitable for international practitioners?

Yes. The need for well-trained holistic Lyme and complex chronic disease specialists is world-wide, and Lyme disease is spreading rapidly in Europe, China, Canada, Australia, and in many surprising places across the globe. Meanwhile, the number of healthcare providers who can identify and treat these diseases is extremely small.

Ideally, you will be able to make the live clinical training. If this is not possible, certain portions will be video-taped and made available following the live clinic. Most of the clinical work with patients will NOT be recorded.

What if I have a question that is not answered here?

We’re happy to clarify any questions you have about the Uprooting Lyme Practitioner Training 2017. You can email us your questions at or call us at (845) 687-6211.